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Our Process

What Is Cold-Pressed?

Cold-Pressing is a process of extracting juice from produce using a hydraulic press and a slow pulverizer. The main benefits of cold-pressed juice are quality and freshness. While not generating heat, more nutrients are able to be kept in tact and extracted due to the slow yet highly pressured deliberate process. Get all that the produce has to offer as cold-pressing leaves dry compost as the remains making for the highest quality pulp-free fruit & vegetable beverages. The shelf life for a cold-pressed juice is three (3) days.



Centrifugal vs. Cold-Pressed

The basic difference in the cold-pressing juicers vs centrifugal juicers is cold-pressing uses an hydraulic press as oppose to the spinning blades that centrifugal juicers operate with. While centrifugal juices can be made on site to order, are less expensive, convenient, and less messy, they do limit you to drinking it on the spot as well as fall short in quality, packing, and shelf life. Cold-Pressed juices have a smoother blender and overall richer taste and are packaged in sealed tight bottles. Essential Nutrients and enzymes are not destroyed/lost from heat generated by spinning blades and shredded pulp still containing juice as so with the centrifugal process. Although set at a higher price point, the cost of cold-pressed juice is definitely worth the investment for those devoted to a healthy lifestyle or transitioning into one.