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Five Reasons Why You Should Start Juicing RIGHT NOW

I bet you’ve been given diet advice before, right?

If not, I’m sure you’ve at least heard, “Eat this, it’ll help you lose weight!” or “Try this, it’ll help increase your energy!”

Let’s face it, most of these tips and tricks you’re better off ignoring.

But here’s something worth paying attention to: if you haven’t started juicing, you probably should. This certainly doesn’t mean you should ditch all solid foods and commit to a liquid diet for life. Oh no! In fact, all it takes is just one juice a day to turn your heath and your life around.

So what makes juicing so special? Well, a lot of things. But here are three solid reasons why you should hop on the bandwagon now:

1) You probably aren’t eating enough fruits & vegetables ANYWAY!

Adults in the United States are encouraged to eat 4–5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Well, at least that’s what the USDA recommends. So let me ask you: did you have 4–5 servings of fruits and veggies today? What about yesterday? Probably not, right? We don’t blame you. It can be hard to fit all that in! Juicing is, therefore, an excellent way to add necessary vitamins and minerals to your diet that you otherwise wouldn’t eat. What’s more, the majority of phytonutrients (or what we like to call “good stuff”) are found predominantly in the liquid juice itself. Not that we’d ever discourage you from eating an entire apple or orange, but when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, you’re better off downing 16 ounces!

2) One juice in the morning can cut sugar cravings and curb your appetite.

The standard American diet is packed with added sugar — shocker, right? In fact, added sugars make up at least 10% of calories the adult American consumes in one day! To make matters worse, these highly addictive “empty calories” don’t contain ANY necessary vitamins and nutrients. We have the remedy! A single juice in the morning can cut these stubborn sugar cravings like a knife and help control them throughout the day. What’s more, a single 16-ounce juice is extremely satisfying and can leave you feeling full until way past lunchtime.

3) Juicing can completely repair your digestive tract.

The toxic foods that make up the standard American diet can break down the intestinal lining and throw the gut microbiome out of whack. When this happens, our bodies are unable to absorb nutrients from the food we eat, and bacteria and toxins subsequently leak into the bloodstream. Juicing is powerful enough to reverse this damage! Our bodies are able to quickly and easily absorb the phytonutrients within juice, which in turn works to repair the gut itself.

4) Juicing can prevent illness.

As you can see, juicing contains a number of healing properties. But did you know that it also has the power to prevent the development of chronic disease? In this country today, most chronic disease is preventable with proper nutrition and avoidance of the toxic foods that make up the standard American diet. Juicing has been shown reduce the development of three of this country’s biggest killers — cancer, heart disease and stroke. The root cause of almost every chronic disease, including the big three, is inflammation. The body’s ability to quickly and efficiently absorb the nutrients within each juice helps keep inflammation at bay, which ultimately makes it difficult for disease to grow and flourish.

5) There are physical benefits, too.

From your gut, to your skin, juicing is a one-stop shop when it comes to getting your health back on track. The health of our liver and digestive tract organs are directly reflected in the appearance of our skin. The elimination of toxins that occurs from juicing has been known to clear skin and skin rashes, including eczema, psoriasis, acne and premature aging. This elimination of toxins is also associated with improved energy levels. Juice is very quickly and efficiently absorbed by the body, which many times results in an all-natural burst of energy.

So take it from us: start juicing. Your entire body will thank you.

Rebecca Florczyk

Corresponding Writer

Health & Nutrition Journalist

Clinical Nutrition Graduate Student

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